East Jordan Iron Works

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Industry Manhole Cover, Utility vault, Fire Hydrant, Storm drain, Sanitary sewer, Telecommunication, Airports, Wastewater treatment plant, Port
Founded East Jordan, Michigan
(1883 (1883))
Founders William Malpass, Richard W. Round
Headquarters East Jordan, Michigan
Area served Worldwide
Website www.ejco.com

EJ, also known as East Jordan Iron Works, or EJIW is a company based in East Jordan, Michigan. The company is a manufacturer and distributor of iron construction castings and infrastructure access products worldwide. In 2007 the company was awarded the National Utility Contractors Association Associate of the year award.[1]


EJ was founded in East Jordan, Michigan in 1883. The company was established in November 1883 by William Malpass and his father-in-law, Richard W. Round, to service the logging industry in East Jordan and around Northern Michigan. In the early years of operation, EJ manufactured castings for necessities such as machine parts, ship parts, agricultural uses, and railroads.[2] In 1905, the foundry was destroyed by a fire but was then rebuilt using bricks made in its hometown of East Jordan.[3]

In the 1920s lumbering operations began to decrease, after the advent of the Great Depression. By World War II lumbering had moved out of the area, and EJ then shifted their large-scale production to street castings, water works valves, and fire hydrants as well as war materials needed for the war effort such as tank parts.[3]

EJ owns and operates four foundries, with locations in East Jordan (Michigan), Ardmore (Oklahoma), Birr (Ireland), and Picardie (France). The Ardmore location was built in 2000 and opened for operation in 2001. EJ also owns and operates sales offices and distribution centers, as well as fabricated product facilities.

EJ now supplies products to infrastructure projects in over 140 countries across the world.[citation needed]

Sales and products[edit]

EJ's main manufacturing facility, corporate headquarters and Hydrant & Valve assembly lines are located in East Jordan, Michigan. The foundry production facility in Ardmore, Oklahoma also provides numerous castings for EJ sales operations. EJ is a producer and supplier of construction castings to hundreds of U.S. cities, townships, counties, and states. The EJ product line includes manhole frames and manhole covers, utility castings for the telecommunications industry, trench grates, tree grates, detectable warning plates, airport and design specific castings, monument boxes, meter boxes, valve boxes, drainage grates, curb inlets, and catch basins.[4] EJ construction castings can be found in major metropolitan areas, as well as world-wide.

Reinvestment in production facilities has allowed for EJ to become a leader in the construction products industry.[5]


In 2012, EJ was awarded the Emmet County Recycling's Recycler of the Year Award. EJ products can help building customers earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)[6] Credit Achievement points, which help to promote green building.


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