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East Kilbride Shopping Centre is Scotland's largest undercover shopping centre at 106,030 sq m (1,141,297 sq ft) and is the uk's 17th largest .It is situated in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire.

Shopping Malls[edit]

The centre is made up of 6 different malls. These 6 different malls were built at different times, with some being complete builds from scratch and others having been streets which were later roofed.

Centre West Centre West is he newest area of the shopping centre, being finished in 2003. It has two2 storeys, with the largest shop at the end of the Centre, Debenhams having an extra two floors. In addition, a multi-storey carpark is attached on the end (Centre West Car Park). The Centre West stands on the ground of what used to be the HMRC 'Centre 1' building. Centre West has 53 units within it, around eight of which currently lay empty.

The Roslynnia (1988)

The Plaza (development started in 1972)

Prince's Mall (1984)

Prince's Square (1997)

Southgate (1989)

Fennessey Gate (1970)

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