East Lancs Flyte

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East Lancs Flyte
East Lancs Flyte 2.jpg
An East Lancs Flyte body on Scania K112 chassis
Body and chassis
Doors 1 door
Floor type Step entrance
Chassis Scania L113CRL
Scania K112CRB and K113CRB (rebodies)
Volvo B6 (rebody) (photo)
Leyland Tiger (rebodies)
Volvo B10M (new and rebodies)
KIRN Mogul

The East Lancs Flyte is a type of bus body built on several different chassis types by East Lancashire Coachbuilders.


Chassis types on which the Flyte was built include:


The Flyte was introduced in 1996 as a step-entrance counterpart to the Spryte. It was essentially a development of the Opus 2 design which had appeared earlier the same year. The Flyte had a new front end design based on the Spryte (though two Volvo B10Ms for Delaine Buses had the Opus 2 front end).

A large proportion of the Flyte's orders were for the rebodying of older chassis. In the severely dwindling market for step-entrance rebodies, the Flyte was superseded by the Hyline around 2000-2001.

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