East Lynne (1931 film)

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East Lynne
1931 film
Directed by Frank Lloyd
Written by Tom Barry
Bradley King
Starring Ann Harding
Conrad Nagel
Clive Brook
Cecilia Loftus
Music by

Richard Fall[1]

and Carli Elinor [2]
Cinematography John F. Seitz
Edited by Margaret Clancey [3]
Distributed by Fox Film Corporation
Release dates
  • February 20, 1931 (1931-02-20) (New York City)[4]
  • March 31, 1931 (1931-03-31) (U.S.)
Running time 102 minutes, 9,188 ft., or 10 reels [5]
Country United States
Language English

East Lynne is a 1931 film version of Ellen Wood's eponymous 1861 novel, which was adapted by Tom Barry and Bradley King and directed by Frank Lloyd. The film is a melodrama starring Ann Harding, Clive Brook, Conrad Nagel and Cecilia Loftus. Only one copy of the film is known to exist, although, somehow, bootleg DVD copies exist, minus the final scene.

This print is in good shape, although several frames have an "X" on them, indicating they were to be removed in the film editing stage. One frame has a "crosshairs" on it while several frames have ink marks.

People may view the film at University of California Los Angeles's Instructional Media Lab, Powell Library, after arranging an appointment.

Clive Brook and Ann Harding in a scene from the film.


The trophy wife of a stodgy man of wealth yearns for a more interesting life.



Academy Award for Best Picture ( nominated )


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