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East Perth
Transperth TrainsList of Perth railway stations
Transperth East Perth Train Station.jpg
Midland Line
Street East Parade, West Parade, Westralia Street, Cantle Street, Chapman Street
Suburb East Perth/Perth
Distance from Perth 1.9 km (1.2 mi)
General information
Station code MEP
Fare zone 1
Station design
Number of platforms 2
Platform architecture 1 island
Station structure Open Station
Access by Pedestrian Overpass
Train transfer No (Yes for country/interstate services)
Bus transfer No
Transit guard booth No
Park 'n' Ride Yes
Lock 'n' Ride No
Lifts 0
Escalators 0
Add Value Machines No
Public telephones Yes, in Public Transport Centre
Public toilets Yes, in Public Transport Centre

Coordinates: 31°56′38″S 115°52′37″E / 31.943896°S 115.876976°E / -31.943896; 115.876976

East Perth railway station is a Transperth railway station 1.9 km (1.2 mi) from Perth railway station, on the Midland Line in Perth, Western Australia.

It is next to the East Perth Terminal and Public Transport Centre, in Western Australia.

The complex of the East Perth Railway Station, the East Perth Terminal, and the Public Transport Centre was built over the former East Perth Locomotive Depot.[1][2]

East Perth transperth station[edit]

The station took the name of the previous East Perth station, which was renamed Claisebrook.[3] The former East Perth railway station was removed on the change of the railway system in the late 1960s.[4]

Interstate terminal: East Perth Railway Terminal[edit]

The interstate terminal is the terminus for the Indian Pacific service from Sydney.[5] The terminal was opened in 1969 as the main passenger terminal for the Sydney–Perth standard gauge railway.[6] It is commonly called either East Perth Terminal[7] or East Perth Rail Terminal[8] with the occasional East Perth Train Terminal being used on some websites.

Administration building[edit]

Now known as the Public Transport Centre, it has also been known as the Westrail Centre.

The building above and adjacent to the Railway Terminal platform was originally designed when the railway system was still under the control of the WAGR[9] and was completed during the time when the name became Westrail.[10]

The Westrail Centre was officially opened at the station on 12 November 1976.[3] The public area includes a newsagent, café, help desks, vending machines, seats, televisions, information screens, an ATM and public toilets.

The building was formerly, administrative headquarters for railway operator Westrail, and after the sale of Westrail freight services (and name), Australian Railroad Group were based there for 2 years, from 2000 to 2002. In 2002 ARG relocated to Welshpool, the building is now the base for the Public Transport Authority and Department of Transport.

The building was furnished in its 1970s style decor until 2000 when refurbishment of the upper floors. The TRANSWA bus services to various state destinations also currently depart and arrive at the northern end of this terminal building.

East Perth platforms[edit]

There is also a motorail dock used for loading vehicles onto the Indian Pacific double-deck car carriers. Both narrow and standard gauge track is laid throughout the station.

Stop no. Platform Line Stopping pattern Destination Notes
[2804] East Perth station platforms
99421 Transperth platform 1W.svg Midland All stations Perth
99422 Transperth platform 2W.svg Midland All stations, B, P Midland
99423 Transperth platform 3W.svg Indian Pacific Adelaide
99423 Transperth platform 3B.svg Prospector Kalgoorlie
99423 Transperth platform 3B.svg Avonlink Merredin Avonlink services to Toodyay and Northam arrive and depart at Midland.

Bus routes[edit]

The Indian Pacific at East Perth terminal.
Route Number Destination / Description
[12986] East Parade (south bound)
    905 Train Replacement Service to Perth
[12985] East Parade (north bound)
    905 Train Replacement Service to Midland


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East Perth
Zone 1

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