East Richford–Glen Sutton Border Crossing

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East Richford-Glen Sutton Border Crossing
Glen Sutton Border Station.jpg
Canadian Border Inspection Station at Glen Sutton, Quebec
Country United States; Canada

US Port: 357 Glen Sutton Road, Richford, Vermont 05476

Canadian Port: 139 Missisquoi Valley Road, Sutton, Quebec J0E 2K0
Coordinates 45°00′56″N 72°42′00″W / 45.015602°N 72.699907°W / 45.015602; -72.699907
Opened 1926
US Phone (802) 848-7746
Canadian Phone (514) 538-3234
Hours Open 24 Hours US / 8 AM to 4PM Canada

The East Richford–Glen Sutton Border Crossing connects the towns of Sutton, Quebec and Richford, Vermont. During the early 20th century, this scenic road was a major east-west thoroughfare. In 1936, the United States built a large border station which is still in use today. By a geographic coincidence, this crossing intersects the Canada-United States border at the Missisquoi River. In November 1927, the bridge at this crossing was one of 45 spans of the Missisquoi destroyed by a major flood. It was soon replaced.[1]

In 2011, the Canadian government reduced the hours of its border station from 24/7 to 8:00am to 4:00pm.

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