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East Village Radio
City of license New York City
First air date 2003
Format Eclectic
Owner East Village Radio
Webcast MP3
Website eastvillageradio.com

East Village Radio (EVR) is an Internet radio station which broadcasts from a storefront studio in the East Village of Manhattan, in New York City. The station will shut down on May 23rd, 2014.[1]

EVR's street-level studio is on 21 First Avenue at East 1st Street. According to an MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) study of pedestrian traffic in New York City, almost 1,800 (1,000 during off-peak travel times) pedestrians pass by the sound booth per hour.

Over 60 DJs and hosts provide 16 hours of free live programming a day, in two-hour show blocks, seven days a week. Programming features a mix of music, news, comedy and commentary. Music ranges from indie to new wave to coldwave to hip hop and post punk to vintage jazz, funk and soul to house, techno and ambient electronic.

EVR supports the free radio movement.


East Village Radio was established in June 2003, and broadcast on the airwaves at 88.1 FM. After an article in The New York Times described the station, the FCC sent a cease-and-desist letter as the station was unlicensed to use the airwaves. Due to the difficulty of obtaining new FM licenses, the decision was made to make EVR an internet radio station.

Some time after this, it was decided to move the studio from its original location above a restaurant to a storefront booth on First Avenue in Manhattan. This was seen as a way of reconnecting EVR with the East Village community since the station was no longer literally on-the-air.

East Village Radio's DJ line-up includes British multi-platinum artist and producer Mark Ronson.


  • [Accidental Rhythm]/Jason Eldredge
  • [Andrew Andrew Sound Sound]/Andrew Andrew
  • [Beyond Beyond is Beyond]/Mike Newman
  • [JetLag] / Andy Rourke
  • [Authentic Sh!t] / Mark Ronson
  • [Ballers Eve] / DJ Dirrty, Minski Walker & Kat Daddy Slim
  • [Chances with Wolves] / Mikey Palms, DJ Kool Kear & Kray
  • [Chillin' Island] / Dapwell from Das Racist / Despot (rapper)
  • [Coalition Chart Show] / Mike Joyce
  • [Death By Audio] / Edan Wilber
  • [Delancey Music Service] / Stretch Armstrong & Eli Escobar
  • [Gay Beach] / Tedward
  • [Gold River Show] / Jerry Jones
  • [Guilty Pleasure] / DJ Elhaam
  • [Fast Forward Reverse] / TimmyG
  • [Forty Deuce] / Geebee, Keene & ExPee
  • [Fat Beats] / Monster
  • [Friction on EVR] / Bobby Friction
  • Jamaica Rock / Queen Majesty
  • [The Lillywhite Sessions] / Steve Lillywhite
  • [Minimal Wave] / Veronica Vasicka
  • [Morricone Youth] / Devon E. Levins
  • [Pizza Party] / Max & Kevin
  • [Sandy Acres Sound Lab] / Colleen Crumbcake
  • [Seaport Music Radio] / dj Pledge
  • [Shocking Blue Sessions] / Delphine Blue
  • [Teenage Kicks] / Nick and Nick
  • [The Big Cover Up] / $mall ¢hange
  • [The Blue Label Show] / Jamal Ali
  • Never Not Working with Oskar Mann

For more DJs and to view the full schedule, check http://www.eastvillageradio.com/schedule/daily.aspx


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