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East Wall may also refer to fortifications, see East Wall (defensive line).

East Wall (Irish: An Port Thoir) is an inner city area of the Northside of Dublin, Ireland.


East Wall is bounded by the North Strand Road to the west, by North Wall and the Royal Canal to the south, and was bounded by East Wall Road, Dublin to the north until land reclamation extended that part. It is linked to Ringsend by the East-Link bridge; it is linked to Fairview by the Annesley Bridge.

East Wall also holds one terminus of the Dublin Port Tunnel.


East Wall dates from the end of the eighteenth century from the time of the construction of the North Wall. Owing to the construction of the Royal Canal in the nineteenth century of and subsequent local port infrastructure East Wall is bounded by Railway lines, the Royal Canal, the River Tolka, the River Liffey and Dublin Port (the Irish Sea) resulting in a readily identifiable area geographically if somewhat separated from the large city which surrounds it. (Reference: DDA, 2004)

Originally a working class area, with many finding employment in Dublin Port, adjacent, the area, close to the city centre, developed rapidly, with the notable addition of the International Financial Services Centre, mostly in neighbouring North Wall, and East Point Business Park on reclaimed land extending East Wall.


Aside from the business park, East Wall is primarily a residential neighbourhood, of around 1500 households, with a population of approximately 3500. The area is serviced with shops, a Roman Catholic church, a community centre, a primary school and recreational facilities (parks, sea and beach) in walking distance.


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Coordinates: 53°21′10″N 6°14′7″W / 53.35278°N 6.23528°W / 53.35278; -6.23528 \Maggie O'Brien author, poet and painter. Father came from No 9 East Wall, Dublin .