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East Waterloo Dock is a dock on the River Mersey, England and part of the Port of Liverpool. It is situated in the northern dock system in Vauxhall and is connected only to Princes Half Tide Dock to the south.

The dock was opened in 1834 as Waterloo Dock and named after the Battle of Waterloo.

An observatory was built here for astronomical and meteorological observations and to provide accurate time for ships' chronometers in 1843. From 1866, the observatory was relocated to Bidston Hill on the Wirral Peninsula when the dock was redeveloped.[1]

In 1868, Waterloo Dock was split in two separate basins; East Waterloo Dock and West Waterloo Dock.[2]

The dock closed to shipping in 1988 and the extensive Waterloo Warehouse has since been converted into residential apartments.


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Coordinates: 53°24′51″N 3°00′02″W / 53.4142°N 3.0005°W / 53.4142; -3.0005