Eastatoe Falls

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Eastatoe Falls
Eastatoe Falls
Location Pisgah National Forest, Rosman, Transylvania County, North Carolina
Coordinates 35°6′42.35″N 82°49′0.63″W / 35.1117639°N 82.8168417°W / 35.1117639; -82.8168417
Type Tiered Cascade
Total height 60 ft (18 m)[1]

Eastatoe Falls /ˈstəˈt./ is a waterfall in Western North Carolina, United States, located on private property near Rosman.

Shoal Creek[edit]

Shoal Creek rises in the Pisgah National Forest between Nancy Mountain and Burnt Mountain near the Eastatoe Gap. The creek descends over 200 feet over a quarter mile, culminating in the 60 foot series of drops over granite bedrock at Eastatoe Falls. The creek continues on past the falls to join with other tributaries to form the Middle Fork French Broad River.

Natural history[edit]

"Eastatoe" was the local Cherokee word for the Carolina Parakeet, and was the name of a local tribe of Cherokee. Ownership of the falls has changed throughout the years, as has the name. The falls has been called Will Hines Falls, Shoal Creek Falls, and Rosman Falls. [2]

Visiting the Falls[edit]

The falls is located on private property whose owners allow access. From the junction of US Highway 64 and US Highway 178 in Rosman, follow US 178 south for 3.4 miles and turn right into the private driveway. Park at the parking area between the house and the now-closed Mountain Meadow Craft Shop. Follow the short, easy trail for about 200 yards to a viewing area of the falls. Visitors to the falls should respect the owner's private property and privacy by not visiting early in the morning or late in the day, letting pets run off-leash, blocking their driveway, or littering. [2]

Nearby Falls[edit]

Claypole Falls drains the cove to the west of Eastatoe Falls, but is located on private property and is not accessible to the public.

Buttermilk Falls is located on private property off of State Road 1105. The falls is viewable from the road. From the intersection of US 64 and US 178, follow US 178 south for 1.6 miles and turn left of East Fork Road. Stay on East Fork Road for a total of 4.9 miles (bearing right at 3.6 miles). Turn right onto Glady Fork Road and go 1 mile to a poor view of the waterfall on the left.

Other falls in the region include:

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