Eastern Conference (MLS)

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Eastern Conference
MLS Eastern Conference.svg
Eastern Conference logo
League Major League Soccer
Sport Soccer
Founded 1996
No. of teams 10
Most recent champion(s) New England Revolution (5th title)
Most titles

New England Revolution

D.C. United (5 Titles each)

The Eastern Conference is one of Major League Soccer's two conferences.

Current members[edit]

Conference Lineups[edit]


Lineup for 1996–1997[edit]

Changes from 1995[edit]


Lineup for 1998–1999[edit]

Changes from 1997[edit]


Eastern Division[edit]

Lineup for 2000–2001[edit]

Changes from 1999[edit]


Eastern Conference[edit]

Lineup for 2002–2004[edit]

Changes from 2001[edit]


Lineup for 2005[edit]

Changes from 2004[edit]


Lineup for 2006[edit]

Changes from 2005[edit]


Lineup for 2007–2009[edit]

Changes from 2006[edit]


Lineup for 2010[edit]

Changes from 2009[edit]


Lineup for 2011[edit]

Changes from 2010[edit]

  • The Kansas City Wizards changed their name to Sporting Kansas City.
  • The Houston Dynamo moved from the Western Conference to the Eastern Conference.


Lineup for 2012–2014[edit]

Changes from 2011[edit]


Lineup for 2015[edit]

Changes from 2014[edit]

Eastern Conference Playoff champions by year[edit]

Note: The Conference finals were a best-of-three series through 2001 (including the MLS semifinals in 2000 and 2001, when a conference playoff format was not used). Matches tied after regulation were decided by a shootout. In 2002, a similar format was used except that draws were allowed and the team earning the most points advanced. From 2003 through 2011, the finals were a single match. Matches tied after regulation moved to extra time (Golden goal extra time was implemented for 2003 only), then a shootout if necessary. Beginning in 2012, the finals are a two-match aggregate series. The away goals rule for series that finished even on aggregate was first implemented in 2014. Extra time and shootouts are used if necessary.

Bold MLS Cup Champions
Season Champions Score Runners Up
1996 D.C. United 2 matches to 0 Tampa Bay Mutiny
1997 D.C. United 2 matches to 0 Columbus Crew
1998 D.C. United 2 matches to 1 Columbus Crew
1999 D.C. United 2 matches to 1 Columbus Crew
2000 No conference playoffs
2001 No conference playoffs
2002 New England Revolution 5 points to 2 Columbus Crew
2003 Chicago Fire 1–0 (aet) New England Revolution
2004 D.C. United 3–3 (4–3 p) New England Revolution
2005 New England Revolution 1–0 Chicago Fire
2006 New England Revolution 1–0 D.C. United
2007 New England Revolution 1–0 Chicago Fire
2008 Columbus Crew 2–1 Chicago Fire
2009 Real Salt LakeW 0–0 (5–4 p) Chicago Fire
2010 Colorado RapidsW 1–0 San Jose EarthquakesW
2011 Houston Dynamo 2–0 Sporting Kansas City
2012 Houston Dynamo 4–2 agg. D.C. United
2013 Sporting Kansas City 2–1 agg. Houston Dynamo
2014 New England Revolution 4–3 agg. New York Red Bulls

W – Western Conference team.

Eastern Conference regular season champions by year[edit]

Bold MLS Supporters' Shield Champions
Season Team Record Playoffs result
1996 Tampa Bay Mutiny 20–12–0^ (+15) Lost Conference Finals
1997 D.C. United 21–11–0^ (+17) Won MLS Cup Finals
1998 D.C. United 24–8–0^ (+30) Lost MLS Cup Finals
1999 D.C. United 23–9–0^ (+22) Won MLS Cup Finals
2000 MetroStars 17–12–3 (+8) Lost Semifinals
2001 Miami Fusion 16–5–5 (+21) Lost Semifinals
2002 New England Revolution 12–14–2 (0) Lost MLS Cup Finals
2003 Chicago Fire 15–7–8 (+10) Lost Conference Finals
2004 Columbus Crew SC 12–5–13 (+8) Lost Conference Semifinals
2005 New England Revolution 17–7–8 (+18) Lost MLS Cup Finals
2006 D.C. United 15–7–10 (+14) Lost Conference Finals
2007 D.C. United 16–7–7 (+22) Lost Conference Semifinals
2008 Columbus Crew SC 17–7–6 (+14) Won MLS Cup Finals
2009 Columbus Crew SC 13–7–10 (+10) Lost Conference Semifinals
2010 New York Red Bulls 15–9–6 (+9) Lost Conference Semifinals
2011 Sporting Kansas City 13–9–12 (+10) Lost Conference Finals
2012 Sporting Kansas City 18–7–9 (+15) Lost Conference Semifinals
2013 New York Red Bulls 17–9–8 (+17) Lost Conference Semifinals
2014 D.C. United 17–9–8 (+15) Lost Conference Semifinals

^ – MLS did not have draws until the 2000 season.
† – Miami Fusion were declared winners of the Eastern Division in 2001 after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks forced the cancellation of the rest of the regular season. The MLS Cup Playoffs began on September 20.

MLS Cup Champions produced[edit]

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