Eastern Horizon

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Eastern Horizon
Other names Chinatown
Genre Community access
Running time Every Sunday 7 pm – 9 pm
Country England
Language(s) Bilingual
Home station BBC Radio Manchester
Host(s) Juanita Yau
Louisa Yong
Daveed Chow
Creator(s) David Wong
Producer(s) Eastern Horizon Broadcasting Team
Audio format Stereo
Website Eastern Horizon

Eastern Horizon is the United Kingdom's first bilingual (Chinese and English) community radio programme broadcast to a local audience.


It broadcasts live in Manchester on BBC Radio Manchester on 95.1 and 104.6 FM every Sunday between 6 pm and 8 pm. It also broadcasts on the Internet.


Eastern Horizon is a community access programme produced by and for the Chinese Community in Greater Manchester and the North West.[1] Eastern Horizon was founded by a group of Chinese volunteers, led by David Wong. Early presenters and contributors included Osmond Lam, Michelle Chan, Roland, Soshan,[2] Yin King Chiu, Simon Jones, Philip Godber, Winnie Godber,[3] Josephine Chan, Alice, Susanna Chiu, Joseph Wu, Sally Li[4] and Mike Dillon. Its aim is to be "a communication channel between the Chinese community and the host community".[5]


The programme first broadcast on 15 December 1983 as a recorded 30-minute programme once a month. It was then expanded to one hour a week. The show was one of the first in the UK to link up with Chinese radio stations around the world to produce simulcast programme.[6] The show is now called Chinatown and is transmitted every Sunday evening for two hours.

On 14 December 2008, another simulcast was conducted with Spectrum Radio in London to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the establishment of Eastern Horizon with original crew members from the 80s and 90s.


Current presenters include Juanita Yau,[7] Louisa Yong, Daveed Chow, Leanne Yeung, Irene Chan, Yen-Siang Tan, Martin Sham, Courtney Lau, Maria, Joey and Max Li, Flora, Michelle and Bonnie Choi.[8]

Programme content[edit]

The programme plays a range of Chinese music from Canto-Pop and Mandarin classics to Chinese Classical tunes. It covers a range of community issues and promote events and activities for the community. Police have used the programme to broadcast appeals for information in Cantonese to the Chinese community.[9]

Events and activities[edit]

The programme team regularly works with other community group, organising and parttake in many local fund-raising activities. Past events included Children in Need Parties, Karaoke and fashion shows.[10]


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