Eastern Province, Zambia

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Location of Eastern Province in Zambia
Districts of Eastern Zambia

Eastern Province is one of Zambia's ten provinces. The province lies between the Luangwa River and the border with Malawi, from Isoka in the northeast to just north of Luangwa in the south.[1]

The provincial capital is Chipata. The province's population was 1,306,873 in the 2000 census - about 13% of Zambia's total population.[1]

National Parks and wildlife areas[edit]

For more detail see Eastern Province in the Wildlife of Zambia


Eastern Province was formerly divided into 8 districts:

However, Chama District was transferred to the new Muchinga Province when the latter was created in 2011.


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Coordinates: 13°00′S 32°15′E / 13.000°S 32.250°E / -13.000; 32.250