Eastern and Western Pagodas

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Eastern Pagoda (Dongsi Ta)
Western Pagoda (Xisi Ta)

The Eastern and Western Pagodas (东寺塔与西寺塔; Dongsi Ta / Xisi Ta) are two pagodas, only about 200 metres (660 ft) apart, in the southern part of Kunming, Yunnan, China. Also known as the Pagoda of the East Temple (25°01′55″N 102°42′38″E / 25.0320°N 102.7106°E / 25.0320; 102.7106 (Pagoda of the East Temple)) and the Pagoda of the West Temple (25°01′55″N 102°42′24″E / 25.0319°N 102.7067°E / 25.0319; 102.7067 (Pagoda of the West Temple)),[1] they were constructed in the late eighth or early ninth century AD, under the rule of the Kingdom of Nanzhao.[2]


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