Eastgate Mall (Chattanooga)

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Eastgate Mall
Eastgate Mall Chattanooga.jpg
Current view from inside Eastgate Mall.
Location Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Coordinates 35°00′31″N 85°12′51″W / 35.008474°N 85.21429°W / 35.008474; -85.21429Coordinates: 35°00′31″N 85°12′51″W / 35.008474°N 85.21429°W / 35.008474; -85.21429
Opening date 1962
Owner Eastgate Town Center LLC
No. of floors 1

Eastgate Mall is an enclosed, mixed-use facility (office and retail complex) in Chattanooga, TN.


Eastgate was developed by Independent Enterprises, a precursor of today's CBL & Associates. The open-air shopping venue was built on the site of a former drive-in theater, which was owned by Independent Enterprises (CBL[1]).

The complex was designed by Toombs, Amisano & Wells.[1] Originally known as Eastgate Center, it was completed in late 1962. At the time, the center was anchored by Miller Brothers. A second construction phase, finished in 1965, added a single-screen cinema, and two more anchors: Loveman's and J.C. Penney. Followed by Food court Baskin Robbins, Mr. Cookie, Glen Gene Deli, Chocolate Sunday, Chinese Combo King, and Cozzolis.

A commercial competitor, Northgate Mall, opened for business in March 1972. This, plus the need to do repairs after a damaging fire in 1971,[2] initiated a move to fully enclose the older shopping center, which would then be known as Eastgate Mall. Loveman's later became Proffitt's in 1986, while Miller Brothers became Hess's during the same year. A Sears Outlet was also added as a freestanding structure. The three department stores remained in the mall until the late 1980s with Proffitt's remaining in the former Loveman's until 1992. Eastgate was also the home of two local radio stations from the late 1980's too the late 1990's. 102.7 WBDX housed its studios in a small 10x10 room with windows that faced the walkway in the center of the mall from 1989 till they moved to their current location on Ringgold Rd in East Ridge, TN in 1998. WFXS 102.3 also had there studios in the mall and shared office space with WBDX until 1996 when they moved to there current home at 821 Pineville Rd on Moccasin Bend.


From around 1990 to present day the Eastgate facility has undergone many changes, including a cosmetic restoration and a name change from Eastgate Mall to Eastgate Town Center. Baskin Robbins in the food court is gone in 1994. Though a shadow of its former self, Eastgate is still trying to find a way to survive. In fact, since its last change of ownership in late 2005, Eastgate has gone through a major and extensive conversion to attempt to become a trendy town center once again. Eastgate is a mixed-use facility with some large offices being occupied by various entities of different sectors. Eastgate Town Center houses various agencies of the State of Tennessee, two satellite college campuses, a call center, as well as medical and insurance administration offices. Seventy-four percent (74%) of Eastgate's space is occupied.

Eastgate is located on Brainerd Rd., a major artery connecting West-East Chattanooga and can be accessed by Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority, CARTA, bus route #4. This redevelopment has been touted as a success with many recognizable names such as Chattanooga State, ITT Technical Institute, Merastar, and many state agencies as tenants.

Blue Cross relocated to their new downtown facility in 2009, leaving a large portion of the facility unoccupied.

The current plan for Eastgate is to develop it into a new "downtown" type streetscape.


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