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Original author(s) Casey Jordan, Patrick Bosek
Developer(s) Jorsek LLC
Operating system browser
Available in English
Type Component content management system
License Proprietary, SaaS and deployed
Website http://www.easydita.com

easyDITA is a software application that provides a complete DITA documentation solution for information developers who are working in Component-based systems, or "Topic-based authoring", using the DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) XML format. easyDITA is usually delivered in a SaaS (software as a service) mode, but is also deployed to servers on private networks. Authors, reviewers, component managers and publishers work in a browser.

easyDITA's name is a response to the complaint that DITA systems were formerly created by integrating two or more software applications from different software vendors.

Component publishing[edit]

easyDITA is used by organizations that publish information as sets of components. Typically publishers alter the set of components and their format according to the requirements of a particular class of readers. For example, components could be selected for technicians working on a specific configuration of a machine, or a specific software platform and version. These sets of components, or "DITA topics" are known as "DITAmaps".

The document that results from a DITAmap could be represented, automatically and simultaneously, as composed pages (a book), as an interactive help system, as a series of web pages, as an app or ePub on a hand-held device, and in many other formats and styles.


  • Software
  • Vehicle and equipment manufacturing
  • Marketing and catalog publishing
  • Medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Semi-conductor manufacturing
  • Business-to-business processing
  • Government, public agencies and charities
  • Banking systems and services
  • Education

Specification and architecture[edit]

easyDITA supports all of the DITA 1.2 specification,[1] and exploits DITA's characteristic features: topic orientation and topic typing; content linking, reference, and reuse; conditional text; meta-data management; DITAmaps, and domain specialization of XML elements.

easyDITA's component management and collaborative review capabilities are built on the open-source eXist native XML database (NXD). Its publishing capabilities are based on the DITA OT (DITA Open Toolkit) with its plug-in specialization architecture.

easyDITA's browser-based topic authoring interface, its component content manager and DITAmap editor, its review and versioning systems, and its publishing system, all make use of XQuery, Java, and JavaScript, using the REST, WebDAV, and XMLRPC protocols.


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