Ebony Concerto (Stravinsky)

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Igor Stravinsky wrote the Ebony Concerto in 1945 for the Woody Herman band known as the First Herd. It is one in a series of compositions commissioned by the bandleader/clarinetist featuring solo clarinet. Herman recorded the concerto in the Belock Recording Studio at Bayside New York,[1] calling it a "very delicate and a very sad piece".[2] Stravinsky felt that the jazz musicians would have a hard time with the various time signatures. Saxophonist Flip Phillips said "during the rehearsal [...] there was a passage I had to play there and I was playing it soft, and Stravinsky said 'Play it, here I am!' and I blew it louder and he threw me a kiss!'"[3]

In 1946, Herman and Stravinsky recorded the concerto. Years later,[when?] Stravinsky recorded it again with Benny Goodman and the Columbia Jazz Combo.[full citation needed]


  1. Allegro moderato
  2. Andante
  3. Moderato. Con moto

A typical performance lasts about nine minutes.


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