Eboshijima Lighthouse

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Eboshijima Lighthouse
Eboshijima Lighthouse is located in Japan
Eboshijima Lighthouse
Location Eboshijima, Itoshima, Fukuoka, Japan
Coordinates 33°41′23″N 129°58′57″E / 33.68972°N 129.98250°E / 33.68972; 129.98250
Year first lit August 1, 1875 (1875-08-01) [1]

Eboshijima Lighthouse (烏帽子島灯台 eboshijima tōdai?) is an unmanned lighthouse in Eboshijima, a tiny island administered by Itoshima, Fukuoka, Japan. The island is in Karatsu Bay.


This lighthouse was one of those designed by Richard Henry Brunton, who was hired by the government of Japan in the Meiji period to help construct lighthouses to make it safe for foreign ships to come to Japan following the opening of Japan to the West. It was first lit in August 1, 1875; 138 years ago (1875-08-01).

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