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Ebru Destan (born 24 September 1977 in Izmir) is a Turkish singer, actress, and model.


Ebru is one of the most famous podium models in Turkey. She has also acted in many films like Abuzer Kadayıf, Yeni Hayat, Zor Hedef, Can Ayşecik. Ebru became a singer in 2005 and became successful. She has three music albums called Sözümü Yemedim, Ayrılık Soğuk İklim and 3 Vakte Kadar. She competed in the reality show Survivor: Ünlüler vs. Gönüllüler as part of the Celebrities (Ünlüler) team. She reached the top 6, only to be voted out in an SMS head-to-head with her close friend Özge Ulusoy.

She dated Galatasaray S.K.'s former defender and Turkish international Vedat İnceefe over three years[1] and Beşiktaş J.K. defender İbrahim Toraman.[2]


  • Sözümü Yemedim (2005)
  • Ayrılık Soğuk İklim (2007)
  • 3 Vakte Kadar (2008)


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