Ecaterina Stahl-Iencic

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Ecaterina Stahl-Iencic (Stahl Jencsik Katalin)
Personal information
Born (1946-07-31)31 July 1946
Satu Mare, Romania
Died 26 November 2006(2006-11-26) (aged 60)
Sport Fencing

Ecaterina Stahl-Iencic (31 July 1946, Satu Mare, Romania – 26 November 2009) (Stahl Jencsik Katalin) was an ethnic-Hungarian Romanian fencer who competed at five Olympics from 1964 to 1980.[1] She won two bronze medals in 1968 and 1972.[2]

Her daughter Cristina Stahl competed at the 2008 Olympics in the foil.


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