Echoes (Anggun album)

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Studio album by Anggun
Released 12 May 2011
Recorded 2010–2011
Genre Pop, pop rock, dance-pop
Label April Earth, Warner, Sony
Producer Anggun
Anggun chronology
French version artwork

Echoes (English version) or Échos (French version) is the fifth international studio album by Indonesian singer-songwriter Anggun. The album was first released in Anggun's native country on 27 May 2011 and later in France on 7 November 2011. The album was released internationally in early 2012. The album topped the Indonesian Albums Chart and was certified platinum in the first week.[1] It eventually received quadruple platinum and became the best-selling pop album of 2011 in Indonesia.[2] The album's lead single, "Hanyalah Cinta", became number-one airplay hit in Indonesia. In France, Échos debuted at number 57 on the French Albums Chart.[3] Echoes also remains her only English album to enter the French Albums Chart separately from the French version. The first single from French version, "Je partirai", reached number five in Belgium.[4] "Echo (You and I)" was released as the first single for international market.[5] Échos is Anggun's first album sung entirely in French (as previous albums had songs or interludes in English or Indonesian) as well as her first French album where she does not have any writing credit.

Album information[edit]

The origins of this album are to be found in the coming together of two teams familiar with success: Gioacchino and Pierre Jaconelli on the one hand, and the duo of Jean-Pierre Pilot and William Rousseau on the other. Anggun has been involved in every step of the making of Echoes. She has written the lyrics of every song, making this album probably her most personal to date.

“I love her timbre. I’d been wanting to work with her for a while,” explains Gioacchino, who has already collaborated with the biggest French stars, and who is currently working on Celine Dion’s upcoming new album. “I found in her the very same depth of personality that I liked about her voice.” This profoundness is felt in the Irish-influenced smash hit single "Only Love", which deals with the quest for true and unconditional love. "A Stranger" timidly speaks of the loneliness and fear of the unknown that were often a feature of the singer’s constant moving around. Whereas a few years ago Anggun still sang of exile as a painful experience, now she knows where she is headed, as she has accepted that her destiny will always be bound up with travelling. "Year of the Snake" is a restrained song that gives the thoughts of a woman remembering painful momentsof her life. And yet, without any excess exoticism or pointless clichés, you find subtle traces of the singer’s Indonesian roots via the various subjects she tackles. "Eternal" talks of accepting the death of a loved one, without seeking to squeeze a tear out of the listener at any cost. On the other hand, the extremely sensual "Rollercoaster", composed by Axel Bauer, conjures up the passion and sense of drama that can be part of the singer’s life as well.

Jean-Pierre Pilot and William Rousseau were coming off the back of major successes in France when they met Anggun. “What surprised us was the contrast between the simple, fun-loving woman we had in front of us and the image of the superstar diva we know from her videos or live performances. The two personalities coexist inside her in perfect harmony,” William Rousseau explains. “As a result, we were keen to explore her more private side without going off into completely pared-down musical style.” Many women will identify with the themes of the album: an upbeat girl’s power message in "Weapons", the weariness of "My Addiction" or the acceptance of who we really are in "Impossible". Anggun reveals herself to be both mischievous and totally fulfilled. Yet the power of the melodies does not supplant the emotion, as illustrated by the bittersweet "Buy me happiness" and the discreet "Silent vow".

Track listing[edit]

English version[edit]

International edition
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Echo (You and I)"   Anggun, Jean-Pierre Pilot, William Rousseau 2:59
2. "Buy Me Happiness"   Anggun, Vincent Baguian, Pilot, Rousseau 3:11
3. "Only Love"   Anggun, Marie Bastide, Gioacchino Maurici 4:04
4. "Weapons"   Anggun, Baguian, Pilot, Rosseau 3:09
5. "Lie To Me"   Anggun, Bastide, Christophe Cottin, Maurici 4:20
6. "Impossible"   Anggun, Baguian, Pilot, Rosseau 3:11
7. "Eternal"   Anggun, Bastide, Maurici 3:55
8. "Rollercoaster"   Anggun, Alain Ekpop, Axel Bauer 4:31
9. "My Addiction"   Anggun, Baguian, Pilot, Rosseau 2:58
10. "A Stranger"   Anggun, Bastide, Maurici 3:48
11. "Cold War"   Anggun, Bastide, Maurici 3:58
12. "Year of The Snake"   Anggun, Bastide, Maurici 4:40
13. "Silent Vow"   Anggun, Baguian, Pilot, Rosseau 3:15
14. "Let It Be Me"   Gilbert Bécaud, Mann Curtis, Pierre Delanoë 2:54
15. "Snow on the Sahara (2012 Version)"   Erick Benzi, Nikki Matheson 4:45

French version[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Je crois en tout"   Vincent Baguian, Jean-Pierre Pilot, William Rousseau 3:16
2. "Je partirai"   Christophe Cottin, Marie Bastide, Gioacchino Maurici 4:22
3. "L'etiquette"   Vincent Baguian, Jean-Pierre Pilot, William Rousseau 3:11
4. "Mon meilleur amour"   Marie Bastide, Gioacchino Maurici 4:06
5. "Psychomaniaque"   Vincent Baguian, Jean-Pierre Pilot, William Rousseau 3:13
6. "Toi l'éternelle"   Marie Bastide, Gioacchino Maurici 3:58
7. "Promets-moi le ciel"   Alain Ekpob, Axel Bauer 4:34
8. "Mon cœur"   Vincent Baguian, Jean-Pierre Pilot, William Rousseau 3:01
9. "Déracinée"   Marie Bastide, Gioacchino Maurici 3:50
10. "Oser"   Marie Bastide, Gioacchino Maurici 4:00
11. "L'année du serpent"   Marie Bastide, Gioacchino Maurici 4:42
12. "J'ai appris le silence"   Vincent Baguian, Jean-Pierre Pilot, Olivier Schultheis, William Rousseau 3:16

Charts and certifications[edit]

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Edition(s) Format(s)
Indonesia[12] 12 May 2011 Sony Music Indonesia Echoes (Asian edition) CD
Malaysia[13] 19 July 2011 Sony Music Malaysia
France[14][15] 7 November 2011 Warner Music France Échos (standard edition)
Échos (limited collector edition)
Digital download
26 March 2012 Échos (special edition)
European Union[16][17] 30 March 2012 Warner Music International Echoes (international edition)