Eclipse (Sebastian)

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Sebastian 2000.jpg
Artist Jill Sebastian
Year 2000
Location Lake Bluff Terrace, Milwaukee
Coordinates 43°2′50.386″N 87°53′41.564″W / 43.04732944°N 87.89487889°W / 43.04732944; -87.89487889Coordinates: 43°2′50.386″N 87°53′41.564″W / 43.04732944°N 87.89487889°W / 43.04732944; -87.89487889

Jill Sebastian's Eclipse is located at Lake Bluff Terrace, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2000.[1] with stairs leading to it off the lakefront. It is a collaborative piece made out of vitreous glass and stone mosaic over concrete, bronze. The dimensions are 10’ x 10’ x 10'.[1] Made in 2003, this sculpture is still in very good condition.

Artist information[edit]

Jill got her inspiration at a young age when she saw a woman painting a mural depicting labor strikes. She attended several colleges and got her MFA at UW Milwaukee in 1979.[2] She is currently working on a project for the University of Wisconsin–Madison, building a new South Campus Union. She is also a professor of sculpture at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD).[3]


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