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Eclipse Internet is a UK Internet Service Provider based in Exeter, Devon. It is owned by KCOM Group PLC. It supplies ADSL and dialup connections to the home user market. The company has services for the business market including SDSL and a leased line service. The company has won several ISPA awards in the past, including Best Business Email, Best Business ISP, and Best Consumer ISP in 2008,[1] and Best Dedicated Hosting in 2011.[2]


Eclipse Internet began in 1995 as a South West internet service provider utilising an 0845 dialup number.[3]

In 2001 Eclipse launched its first Broadband product, based on BT's wholesale ADSL service. In 2004 the company was purchased by KCOM Group PLC for a total of £12.5 million. £9.5 million was paid in cash, whilst the remainder was paid in KCOM Group PLC shares. In 2005 Eclipse began trials of a combined digital television, telephone and broadband service.

Eclipse also rejigged its broadband packages into three new packages and removed its fair use policy, the only restrictions on use now being the amount of data downloaded.[4]

In 2010 Eclipse gave an official response to proposals by OfCom to investigate Net Neutrality in the UK.[5]


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