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The Econometric Society is an international society for the advancement of economic theory in its relation with statistics and mathematics. It was founded on December 29, 1930, at the Stalton Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio.

The sixteen founding members were Ragnar Frisch, Charles F. Roos, Joseph A. Schumpeter, Harold Hotelling, Henry Schultz, Karl Menger, Edwin B. Wilson, Frederick C. Mills, William F. Ogburn, J. Harvey Rogers, Malcolm C. Rorty, Carl Snyder, Walter A. Shewhart, Øystein Ore, Ingvar Wedervang and Norbert Wiener. The first president was Irving Fisher.[1]

The Econometric Society sponsors the academic journal Econometrica.


The website of the Econometric Society lists its Presidents and its Fellows

Honorary lectures[edit]

The Econometric Society sponsors several annual awards, in which the honored member delivers a lecture:


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