Economy of the Americas

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Economy of the Americas
Population 953.7 million (13.6% of the world)
GDP $20.971 trillion [1]
GDP growth
Per capita: 3%
GDP per capita
Currency: US$21,989[1]
3.75 million
Unemployment 10%
Top 10% income
Through merging of North America and South America information

All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars.

The economy of the Americas comprises more than 953 million people in 35 different countries and 18 territories. Sometimes divided into the continents of North America and South America depending on the source, like other continents, the wealth of the states in the Americas varies, although the poorest are well above the poorest states of other continents in terms of GDP and living standards. The difference in wealth across the Americas can be seen roughly between the economies of North America and South America, with the countries in the former significantly better off than those in the latter.

Economic development[edit]

Regional variation[edit]

Economic Integration[edit]

Currency and Central Banks[edit]

Stock exchanges[edit]

Economic sectors[edit]

Agriculture and fishing[edit]


Investing and banking[edit]

Global trade relations[edit]

The bulk of the American trade is done internally, between North America and South America, and also with Europe and China.

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Notes and references[edit]

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