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Ed Banger Records
Parent company Headbangers Entertainment
Founded 2003 (2003)
Founder Busy P
Distributor(s) Because Music
Genre French house
Electro house
Country of origin  France
Location Paris, France
Official website edbangerrecords.com

Ed Banger Records is a French electronic music record label run by Pedro Winter that was founded in 2003 as a division of Headbangers Entertainment. The label is home to French electronic acts Justice, Sebastian, Cassius, Uffie, Krazy Baldhead, DJ Mehdi, Mr Oizo, Mr. Flash, Vicarious Bliss, So Me, Feadz, Breakbot, DSL, Mickey Moonlight, Boston Bun and Pedro Winter himself, under the alias Busy P. Most of the Ed Banger Records video and album art is coordinated by So Me.


The label enjoyed a dramatic rise in fame in early 2007 when a number of the artists signed to its roster found mainstream success, most notably French electronic group Justice, whose rework of "Never Be Alone" by now defunct electro-rock band Simian, entered the UK charts at #20. The track was a success in clubs worldwide.[1] The music video for the single won the award for best video at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2006. Labelmate Uffie also enjoyed a rise in fame in late 2006 when her single, "Pop the Glock", gained international radio play.


Ed Banger Records collaborated with the cosmetics brand Uslu Airlines to create a glow-in-the-dark nail polish that was sold with a special mini-mix by Busy P.[citation needed]

To commemorate the label's tenth anniversary and the 20th anniversary of the Girl skateboard company, an Ed Banger series of skateboard decks was released in July 2013, in addition to a remixed video part for Girl team rider Sean Malto. The artwork on the skateboard decks was inspired by artists Mr. Oizo, Breakbot, Justice, Sebastian and Busy P, while Malto's part was edited to music by Justice and Mr. Oizo.[2]



Main releases[edit]

Year Artist Release Type Release date Catalogue
2003 Mr Flash / A Bass Day Radar Rider / F.I.S.T. EP Mar 7, 2003 ED001
Justice vs. Simian /
Justice vs. Gambit / Espion
Never Be Alone / Steamulation
/ Anything Is Possible
EP Jun, 2003 ED002
2004 Vicarious Bliss Theme from Vicarious Bliss EP Feb 16, 2004 ED003
Krazy Baldhead Bill's Break EP Jul 7, 2004 ED004
Busy P Limit Ed EP 2004 LTED001
2005 Justice Waters of Nazareth EP Sep 16, 2005 ED005
Sebastian Smoking Kills (?) EP Mar 10, 2005 ED006
Sebastian / Krazy Baldhead H.A.L. / Time.Period EP Aug, 2005 LTED002
Zongamin Bongo Song EP Dec 1, 2005 ED007
2006 Uffie Pop the Glock / Ready to Uff EP Feb 23, 2006 ED008
Justice Waters of Nazareth Pt. II EP Apr 26, 2006 ED005.2
DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo I Am Somebody EP May 24, 2006 ED009
Mr Flash Champions / Disco Dynamite EP Jul 14, 2006 ED010
Sebastian Ross Ross Ross EP Aug 28, 2006 ED011
Uffie Hot Chick / In Charge EP Dec 7, 2006 ED012
2007 Krazy Baldhead Dry Guillotine EP Jan 12, 2007 ED013
Justice Phantom EP Jan, 2007 ED014LTD
Busy P Rainbow Man EP Feb 26, 2007 ED014
DJ Mehdi Lucky Girl EP EP Mar 15, 2007 ED015
DJ Mehdi / Radar Lucky Boy / 5th Columnist EP Apr, 2007 MEHDAR001
Justice D.A.N.C.E Single Apr 30, 2007 ED017
Mr Oizo Transexual / Patrick122 EP Jun 5, 2007 ED016
Uffie F1rst Love / Brand New Car EP Jun 28, 2007 ED018
Justice D.A.N.C.E. (Remixes) EP Jul 27, 2007 ED017.2
Sebastian Walkman 2 EP Oct 12, 2007 BEC5772152
Justice Phantom Pt. II EP Nov 26, 2007 ED019
2008 DSL Invaders EP Feb 28, 2008 ED020
Feadz Happy Meal EP Mar 19, 2008 ED021
Justice DVNO EP Apr 16, 2008 ED022
Sebastian Motor EP Apr 28, 2008 ED023
Busy P Pedrophilia EP Jun 23, 2008 ED024
Mickey Moonlight Interplanetary Music EP Sep 11, 2008 ED025
Mr Oizo Positif EP Nov 10, 2008 ED027
DJ Mehdi Pocket Piano EP Dec 15, 2008 ED026
2009 Justice feat. Uffie Tthhee Ppaarrttyy Single Feb 9, 2009 1565274
Mr Oizo Pourriture EP Mar 16, 2009 ED028
Krazy Baldhead Sweet Night EP Apr 9, 2009 ED029
Feadz P*N*M*B EP Jul 20, 2009 ED030
DSL Stupid Bitches EP Oct 26, 2009 ED031
Uffie Pop the Glock EP Dec 17, 2009 ED032
Uffie MCs Can Kiss EP Dec 25, 2009 ED033
2010 Breakbot Baby I'm Yours EP Feb 14, 2010 ED034
Mr Flash Blood, Sweat & Tears EP Apr 26, 2010 ED035
Mickey Moonlight Love Pattern EP May 10, 2010 ED036
Carte Blanche Black Billionaires EP May 31, 2010 ED037
Uffie feat. Pharrell Williams A.D.D S.U.V. EP Jun 4, 2010 ED038
Breakbot Baby I'm Yours (Remix) Single Jun 21, 2010 ED034.2
Mr Oizo & Gaspard Augé Rubber EP Jul 12, 2010 ED039
Squarepusher & Edrec present
Shobaleader One
Cryptic Motion EP Aug 30, 2010 ED040
Cassius The Rawkers E.P. EP Oct 8, 2010 ED041
Uffie Difficult EP Oct 18, 2010 ED042
Feadz The T.U.F.F. EP EP Dec 6, 2010 ED043
Carte Blanche Black Billionaires - The Remixes EP Dec 13, 2010 ED044
2011 Cassius I <3 U So EP Mar 1, 2011 ED045
Uffie Illusion of Love Single Mar 13, 2011 BEC5772845
Justice Civilization EP Mar 28, 2011 ED047
Sebastian Embody EP Apr 4, 2011 ED046
Uffie Wordy Rappinghood Single Apr 18, 2011 BEC5772871
Breakbot Fantasy EP Apr 22, 2011 ED049
Carte Blanche White Man On the Moon EP May 30, 2011 ED048
Sebastian feat. M.I.A. C.T.F.O. EP Aug 22, 2011 ED051
Sebastian feat. Mayer Hawthorne Love In Motion EP Sep 12, 2011 ED053
Justice Audio, Video, Disco EP Sep 26, 2011 ED052
Mickey Moonlight Close to Everything EP Oct 17, 2011 ED050
DSL Supa Love EP Oct 31, 2011 ED054
2012 Justice On'n'On EP Jan 27, 2012 ED055
Krazy Baldhead Surabaya Girl EP Feb 6, 2012 ED056
Feadz & Kito Electric Empire EP Mar 26, 2012 ED057
Laurent Garnier feat. L.B.S. Crew Timeless EP EP Apr 1, 2012 ED058
Sebastian The EP Collection EP Apr 16, 2012 ED059
Mickey Moonlight Come On Humans! EP May 7, 2012 ED060
Breakbot Programme Single Mar 16, 2012 ED061
Justice New Lands EP Jun 22, 2012 ED062
Krazy Baldhead Empty Boy EP Jun 6, 2012 ED063
Mr Oizo Stade 3 EP Jul 9, 2012 ED064
Breakbot feat. Irfane One Out of Two EP Jun 15, 2012 ED065
Boston Bun Housecall EP Nov 26, 2012 ED066
Feadz & Kito Electric Empire (Remixes) EP Dec 10, 2012 ED067
2013 Justice Helix EP Jan 7, 2013 ED068
Riton Lost My Mind EP Jan 21, 2013 ED069
Cashmere Cat Mirror Maru Remix EP EP Feb 18, 2013 ED070
Laurent Garnier "Jacques In the Box" Remixes EP Apr 1, 2013 ED071
Busy P Still Busy EP Jun 21, 2013 ED075
Breakbot feat. Ruckazoid You Should Know EP Jun 28, 2013 ED072
Mr Oizo Amicalement EP Jul 1, 2013 ED073
Boston Bun Flasher EP EP Oct 7, 2013 ED074
2014 DJ Pone Erratic Impulses EP Jan 14, 2014 ED076
Busy P Reworking Is Not a Crime EP Mar 24, 2014 ED077

Albums and long plays[edit]

Year Artist Release Type Release date Catalogue
2005 Mr Flash Monsieur Sexe LP Feb 14, 2005 EDCD001
2006 DJ Mehdi Lucky Boy Album Oct 30, 2006 EDCD004
2007 DJ Mehdi Lucky Boy at Night Album May 4, 2007 EDCD004.2
Justice Album Jun 18, 2007 BEC5772108
2008 Sebastian Remixes Compilation
of remixes
Aug 22, 2008 BEC5772341
Mr Oizo Lambs Anger Album Nov 17, 2008 BEC5772418
Justice A Cross the Universe Live album Nov 24, 2008 BEC5772406
2009 Krazy Baldhead The B-Suite Album May 11, 2009 EDCD009
DJ Mehdi Red Black & Blue Compilation
of remixes
Nov 9, 2009 BEC5772556
2010 Uffie Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans Album Jun 15, 2010 BEC5772591
2011 Sebastian Total Album May 30, 2011 BEC5772823
Justice Audio, Video, Disco Album Oct 25, 2011 BEC5161063
Mr Oizo Stade 2 Album Nov 21, 2011 BEC5161086
Mickey Moonlight And the Time-Axis Manipulation Corporation Album Nov 28, 2011 BEC5161036
2012 Krazy Baldhead The Noise In the Sky Album Feb 29, 2012 BEC5161145
Breakbot By Your Side Album Sep 17, 2012 BEC5161259
2013 DSL After Album Feb 11, 2013 BEC5161316
Justice Access All Arenas Live album May 6, 2013 BEC5161307
2014 Feadz Instant Alpha Album Jan 20, 2014 BEC5161677
Mr Flash Sonic Crusader Album 2014


Year Artist Release Type Release date Catalogue
2006 DJ Mehdi Loukoums Mix May, 2006 Promo CD
Various Artists Ed Rec Vol. 1 Compilation Dec 6, 2006 BEC5772068
2007 Various Artists Ed Rec Vol. 2 Compilation Mar 12, 2007 EDLP002
2008 Various Artists Ed Rec Vol. 3 Compilation Jun 9, 2008 EDLP003
2011 Busy P & DJ Mehdi Let the Children Techno Compilation Feb 21, 2011 BEC5772801
Various Artists The Bee Sides Compilation Apr 16, 2011 RSD11BANGER
2013 Various Artists Ed Rec Vol. X Compilation Jun 7, 2013 BEC5161387
2013 Various Artists Ed Banger Classics Compilation Apr 19, 2014 BEC5161807


Year Artist Release Type Release date Catalogue
2007 Sébastien Tellier, Mr Oizo & Sebastian Steak: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack Jun, 2007 EDOST001
2010 Sebastian Notre Jour Viendra OST Soundtrack Oct 25, 2010 EDOST002
Mr Oizo & Gaspard Augé Rubber (Original Soundtrack) Soundtrack Nov, 2010 EDOST003
2012 Tahiti Boy & Mr Oizo Wrong (Original Soundtrack) Soundtrack Sep 10, 2012 BEC5161228
2013 Mr Oizo Wrong Cops (Best Of) Soundtrack Dec 20, 2012 BEC161733

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