Ed Gein (band)

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Ed Gein
Origin Syracuse, NY
Genres Grindcore, Mathcore
Labels Black Market Activities
Website http://www.ed-gein.com
Members Graham Reynolds
Aaron Jenkins
Jesse Daino

Ed Gein is a political grindcore band from Syracuse, NY, named after American killer, Ed Gein.

Each of the members perform vocals equally; there is no lead vocalist. They are currently on Black Market Activities / Metal Blade Records.

Musically, the band takes influence from such bands as Coalesce and Pig Destroyer.

The band's lyrics consist of straight and direct-spoken manifestos and messages along with their political and ideological influence. Most of the lyrics are short (about 5-6 lines), and are built from simple vocabulary.

The band released a rough mix of the song entitled "The Spectacle" on April 25, 2010 on their Facebook page after a brief leave of absence.

Current members[edit]

  • Graham Reynolds - guitar, vocals
  • Aaron Jenkins - bass, vocals
  • Jesse Daino - drums, vocals



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