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Edacheri is a small panchayath in the district of Kozhikode in the South Indian state of Kerala. It is part of the North Malabar province of Kerala, and is situated east of Vatakara. Purameri Panchayat borders it to the east, Eramala Panjayath to the west and Mahe river to the north.

Edacheri comes in the Nadapuram constituency and has a strong leftist political history. The panchayat has always gone to the LDF (Left Democratic Front) since its inception.

The panchayat has a mixed population. Hindus constitute the majority. There is a large Muslim population also. The Christian population is negligible.


There is a strong agrarian sector, and the crops are mainly coconuts, arecanuts and pepper. Paddy cultivation has a major setback now, as is the case with most of Kerala, with paddy fields being claimed for houses and for more profitable crops. There are no major industries in Edacheri and migration to the Middle East (Gulf) and to the major cities in India is prevalent. There is a Saliya-theruvu where weaving is an important occupation. There are granite quarries in the Panchayat where granite mining is carried out.

Educational institutions[edit]

There are many primary many upper primary schools and one Higher seconadary school in the panchayat, including Narikkunnu UP School,Thalayi LP school,Kacheri UP school, Edacheri North UP School,Puthiyangadi Mappila LP School,Edacheri Central LP,Iringannor Higher secondary school etc. But for higher education, students have to go to Madappali Gvt College, Mokeri Gvt college ,Vatakara town, Purameri or Orkkatteri (neighbouring villages).

People and Life[edit]

People belongs to Hindu, Islam and Communists communities. This is one of the stronghold villages of Communist Marxist Party of India [CPI(M)]. Hindu community is divided into Theeya, Moosadh, Nayar, Kurup, paravar, malayar, ashari, shaliar, pulayar, Pallichan, etc. There is no industry for this village. People depend on agriculture for their livelihood. After 1970 many people moved to Gulf countries to find their alternative livelihood and flourished local economy with gulf money.

Temples/Masjids/Party Center and festivals[edit]

The Kaliyam Velli Devi's temple (temple of Saraswati and other deities) is a major temple in the area. There is a Kavu (woods) belonging to the temple, which is rich with folklores. This is a beautiful example of Kerala temple architecture. The theyyam, an integral part of Kerala village life, can be seen at the yearly 'Kakkannoor Thira'. 'Kakkannoor Thira'Festival is on January 31, 1 and 2 February of every year. The kakkannoor thira mahotsavam (theyyam) is very famous. The siva kshethra temple is located to alisseri, Poyanneri Bhagavathi Temple is located in Edacheri North. koyambatta devi kshetram and chundayil sree mahaganapathi temple also located in edacheri And Sree Kaliyamvelli Devi Temple Also locating for Edacheri. The Temple also famous in malabar devaswom board. More details for Sree Kaliyamvelli Temple click this link

Sree Kaliyamvelli Temple

Kettungal Juma'at Palli is one of the oldest Masjid in this Village. In addition to this Nelloor Palli, Puthan Palli, Puthiyangadi Palli, Kommili Palli and Thalayi Palli are the major masjids of the Village. 'Vijaya Kalavedhi and Library ' one of the oldest Centre for arts and cultural center in the village.

AKG Center located at Puthiyangadi town is the major Institution of Maxist Party. League House located at Puthiyangadi is Party Center of Indian Union Muslim League. Marxist party's Political Jadha's and Conference are major events of the edacheri towns.

Panhayath Raj

The Panjayath was ruled by LDF from its origin of democratic rule. Most of the time there was no opposition elected for the Panchayath Sabha. Kaliyamvelli Puzha, a part of Mahi river is the main water source or agriculture in the area. It is also a main source of fish for the local people.Many local workers after their routine working hours move to the river side to have a catch...for food and for sport for a few.

Photos Session[edit]

For some nostalgic photo please http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#AlbumZoom?gwt=1&uid=14113831374695465959&aid=1205279951&pid=1234522934933 Coordinates: 11°40′N 75°37′E / 11.66°N 75.61°E / 11.66; 75.61