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Edaphic is a nature related to soil. Edaphic qualities may characterize the soil itself, including drainage, texture, or chemical properties such as pH. Edaphic may also characterize organisms, such as plant communities, where it specifies their relationships with soil. Edaphic endemics are plants or animals endemic to areas of a specific soil type.

Edaphic plant communities include:

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  • Edaphology[[Category:Soil] factors pertaining to conditions and composition of soil are termed as edaphic factors,while the scientific study of soil is called pedology;soil is a link between living and non-living components of terrestrial ecosystem.It is a layer of material overlying the rocks on earth crust.The formation of soil depends upon two processes namely weathering or break down of bigger rocks into fine,smaller particles and decomposition which is the breakdown of large biomolecules into simpler molecules.The soil development is called pedogenesis.