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Eddie Charlton (banker)
Born 3 May 1948


Richard Wingate "Eddie" Charlton is currently a Non-Executive Director of Williams Grand Prix Holdings Ltd where he is the Senior Independent Director (SID) and Chairman of the Remunerations and Nominations Committee (since 7 September 2011), a Chairman of Strabens Hall Ltd (since 2010), Chairman of Sportfolio Trading Ltd (since 2009), a Director of Ocean Sport Management Ltd (since 2000) and Tap Films Ltd. He was until recently a Director of the Hong Kong listed China Polymetallic Mining Ltd where he was a Chairman of the Strategy Committee.

Charlton qualified as a lawyer in the City of London before turning to a career in banking. He has also held a wide range of directorships, trusteeships and consultancies in the media, leisure, sports, property, I.T., health and hedge fund sectors, and has been in the banking industry for 36 years. His banking career began at Hambros Bank in 1977 and he subsequently held directorships at Banque Paribas from 1981-1988, Henry Ansbacher and HSBC (from 2005-2010). Charlton was CEO at Banque Internationale Luxembourg in London from 1988-2002, and more recently held a position as Senior Advisor to Citibank N.A., Citibank International plc, Citibank (Switzerland), and Citigroup Global Markets Limited (2010-2012). [2]

Charlton divides his time between a house in Chelsea and a small farm near Tetbury in Gloucestershire. He is married with 1 son and 2 daughters. He is a keen sportsman and a fluent French speaker.

Early Years and Education[edit]

Eddie Charlton was born on 3 May 1948 and was educated at Maidwell Hall, Eton, Neuchatel University and as a trainee with Rheem Man Co in the United States.

His father was a soldier/diplomat, and as a result he became used to travelling at an early age. Charlton's family originate from the North Tyne region of Northumberland, where with Fenwicks, Robinsons, Milburns and Ridley they were for centuries a leading Border Riever family.

Whilst at Eton Charlton excelled at sport and represented the school at football, tennis and athletics. He was a schoolboy athlete at national level.

Charlton began his law career with the city law firm Frere Cholmeley & Co in 1968 before practising briefly in the West End and taking a short sabbatical in his mid 20s to travel and dabble in acting and journalism.


By profession Charlton is a lawyer, holding a current practising certificate as a solicitor of the Supreme Court, having begun his career with city law firm Frere Cholmeley & Co in 1968 and moving on to Swales & Co, Solicitors from 1974-1976.

From 1977 to 1981 Charlton served as a Manager of Hambros Bank in London. He was responsible for opening the Middle East Bond sales desk covering the Middle East, India and Singapore. Charlton was also responsible for related international private placement activity. [3] He later moved to the business generation side of the business specialising in Scandinavia.

From 1981 to 1988 Charlton served as a Director of Banque Paribas in London and was responsible for building up its significant business in London. Throughout this period he had responsibility for private banking, export and trade finance, project finance and international lending and syndication.

From 1988-2002 Charlton served as the Managing Director and Chief Executive of Dexia Banque Internationale Luxembourg in London (BIL). During his time with BIL Charlton was responsible for successful business in treasury, corporate lending, media, sport, private lending, asset management and trust and company creation. In addition, Charlton was responsible for setting up BIL offshore companies in Jersey including BIL Private Banking, BILIAM, BIL/Expetra Trust Co [4]

During this period Charlton served as a Director of Media Space Co. Films (Guernsey) Ltd from 1991-2002 and he was also CEO of Films (UK) Ltd, and the Chairman of Sportsbank, a sport related banking and investment management business from 1998-2000. Charlton also became a Non-Executive Director of Vector Investments, a property subsidiary of P&O from 1996-2004, and the British Merchant Bank, Henry Ansbacher & Co.

From 2002-2005 Charlton was a Special Advisor to the Dexia Group, a Franco-Belgian group who acquired and integrated the business of BIL, and from 2002-2008 he served as the Chairman of BrandCo Management Ltd, a brand marketing, licensing and merchandising company. Charlton was also a Director of The Absolute Fund and The Absolute Focus Fund (Funds of Hedge Funds) as a Non-Executive Director between 2003 and 2013, and acted as the Chairman of The Board for Diligent Member Services, Inc from 2007-2008 which included chairing the company through its listing on the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

From 2005-2010 Charlton was one of the Executive Directors of HSBC Private Bank based in London, before serving as a Senior Advisor to Citibank until 2012. Charlton worked closely with the senior management of DEXIA Group in both London and Europe as Advisor in divesting the DEXIA of some of the mainline business of BIL. Whilst at HSBC Charlton was primarily responsible for the business development within the bank where he worked closely with the marketing and communication division and the global sports practice.[5]

From 2011 until early 2013 Charlton was a Non-Executive Director with China Polymetallic Mining Ltd where he took the company to a Hong Kong listing and chaired the Strategy Committee. He is currently a Non-Executive Director and the senior independent of Williams Grand Prix Holding plc (since 2011), Chairman of Strabens Hall Ltd (since 2012), Chairman of Sportfolio Trading Ltd (since 2009), and Director of Ocean Sport Management Ltd (since 2000) and Tap Films Ltd since 2013.

Charlton also has a wide range of outside committee memberships, charitable interests, Trusteeships and Directorships, including in the past International Financial Services London, the Foreign Banks and Securities Houses Association, and the Bankers' Club. He is a Freeman of the City of London, is on the Court of the 'Great 12' Merchant Taylors Company (Master 2011/2012) and is a founding Court Member of the Company of International Bankers.

On the subject of his varied professional life, Charlton is quoted as saying "I'm certainly a jack of all trades, and hopefully a master of one or two"[6]


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