Eddie Love and the Lovers

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Eddie Love and the Lovers were an early attempt at what became known as a garage band. They were low-level rock and roll band based on the same music as The Crickets, The Fireballs and Teen Kings that managed, between 1957 and 1964, to issue a number of locally or regionally successful records. Their greatest fame was gained by the bands and solo performers of the pre-Beatles Rock era. They were mentioned several times in the Rock and Roll Encyclopedia by Lillian Roxon, although they did not rate a separate article therein. The group had some success in the field of backing-up other artists in the studio, and, two of the original members, Eddie Love (Omaha, NE) and Stu Shermeroff (Kansas City, MO) wrote hundreds of songs that were recorded by, among others, Grady Lewis and John Tranor.

Eddie Love (née Edward N. Love, Jr.) was, at the same time, circa 1957 -1959, a member of "The Strummers" and later formed a band while serving in Alaska in the USAF during the 1960s. That band, "Apokpolypz," released three records, of which none were very successful, but achieved some success through Armed Forces Radio Service airplay. In 1966, the band signed a major label record deal (with Monument), just before a falling out among the members caused the band to break up.


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