Edelsbrunner Automobile München

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Edelsbrunner Automobile München
Type Car manufacturer
Industry Manufacturing
Headquarters Munich, Germany

Edelsbrunner Automobile München was a small Bavarian car company based in Munich, Germany.

At the beginning of 1990 the company began producing a small series of two cars in the style of the thirties. Inspired by legendary driver Tazio Nuvolari, the first Roadster was the EAM Nuvolari S1. In the presence of the sister and other relatives of Tazio Nuvolari, the Nuvolari S1 was formally presented and introduced to the public.

Unfortunately the German market at that time was very small and these cars were not successful.

EAM Nuvolari S1 640x480.jpg

There were two types:

The Nuvolari S1 was only produced in small numbers and the R1 model R1 did not get beyond a prototype.