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Eden Harel, M.C. at the Caesarea Golf Club

Eden Harel (Hebrew: עדן הראל‎; born February 10, 1976) is an actress and TV host from Israel. She was an MTV Europe VJ during the 1990s.


Early life[edit]

Harel was born Adva Harel in Eilat. growing up she went to the boarding school of 'WIZO Hadasim'. After she finished high school she moved to Tel Aviv.

MTV career[edit]

In 1994, when she was only eighteen years old, she won the yearned job opportunity of becoming an MTV VJ in MTV Europe. Between 1994 and 2000 Eden was one of the best known VJs on MTV. She hosted several shows, including the phone-in show MTV Select, The Dance Chart and The European Top 20. She also appeared on some special events such as the MTV Europe Awards and in 1998, she hosted the Miss World Pageant, together with singer, Ronan Keating (in which the Israeli candidate won). Eden was known for her bubbly personality and fashionable dress sense. For most of her MTV career Eden had long dark hair, but in early 1997 she daringly shaved her head completely bald. She stayed bald for several months and then whilst growing it out bleached her hair and also dyed it red.


After her contract with MTV Europe ended she went to India for a year and lived in a Buddhist monastery. By 2001 she returned to Israel. With her return to Israel she co-hosted an Israeli live children TV show in the Israeli broadcasting network. In 2002 she became the host of the Israeli reality show "Project Y"[1] broadcast on the Israeli Satellite television and was the host of a radio show. In 2003 she was the host of a children's talent contest on the Israeli channel 2, and a consultation program on the Israeli broadcasting network. In 2005 she hosted an Israeli celebrities interview show on the Israeli entertainment channel, and appeared in the series "in the sign Venus", hosted the "live 8" show in Israel and began to write a column in the Israeli magazine "Go". She also hosted a Survivor-related talk show.[2] Presently she appears in a fashion campaign for the Israeli "Aristo Shmat".

Private life[edit]

Her spouse is the Israeli TV host Oded Menashe. the couple got married on February 22, 2007, lives in Zichron Yaacov, and had a baby boy on January 29, 2008. Eden also has a child from previous marriage.


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