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Edenspiekermann is an agency for strategy, design and communication with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, San Francisco and Stuttgart. The agency is the result of a merger in 2009 between Eden design & communication Amsterdam and SpiekermannPartners Berlin, founded by German typographer Erik Spiekermann.


Edenspiekermann is the result of several mergers and collaborations between design and architectural firms over the past decades.[1]

Premsela Vonk: 1956 - 1986[edit]

In 1956 Benno Premsela and Jan Vonk started a collaboration. Premsela worked at De Bijenkorf where he remained Head of Publicity and Shop Windows until 1963.

BRS: 1969 - 1986[edit]

BRS was founded in 1969 when graphic designers Jan Brinkman and Niko Spelbrink started their collaboration.

BRS Premsela Vonk: 1986 - 1999[edit]

In 1986, Premsela Vonk merged with BRS.

E.D.E.N. European Designers Network: 1989 - 1999[edit]

In 1989 the European Designers Network E.D.E.N. was formed.

Eden: 1999 - 2009[edit]

In 1999 BRS Premsela Vonk merged with Linea, specialised in information design and form design, and DC3, specialised in interaction design.

United Designers Network and SpiekermannPartners: 2002–2009[edit]

Erik Spiekermann left MetaDesign in 2001 to run his own projects, forming the United Designers network in 2002-3.

Edenspiekermann: 2009 – present[edit]

In January 2009 SpiekermannPartners and Eden merged to form Edenspiekermann.

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