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Bobby Blake
Born Edgar Gaines
August 11, 1957
Ethnicity African American
Height 6'9" (206 cm) [1]
Weight 235 lb
No. of adult films 107 (per IAFD)[2]

Bobby Blake (born Edgar Gaines on August 11, 1957 in Memphis, Tennessee) is an African-American retired gay pornographic film actor best known as a dominant top in gay pornographic films.


Growing up in Tennessee, he moved to Los Angeles in the 1980s and worked as an erotic dancer. On the advice of a friend, he visited a gay sex club owned by porn actor Paul Hanson. Impressed with Blake's performance, Hanson recommended him to adult film producers who cast him in his first film, Ebony Knights.

Known for working alongside veterans and adult film performers such as Gene LaMar and J.C. Carter, Blake appeared in over 100 films[2] playing aggressive and dominant top roles.

Bobby Blake was a long time partner with Flex-Deon Blake. Bobby actually referred Flex-Deon to the producer Edward James, and secured the introduction of Flex-Deon to the adult industry.[3] Bobby Blake has told the story of their relationship in his book, My Life in Porn.[4]

Bobby Blake is well known for his final porn movie with Flex-Deon and others titled Niggas' Revenge in which he rapes white supremacists. Whilst filming this movie, two actors were concussed on set as a result of Bobby Blake's vigorous movements. Filming stopped as a result and the two men were brought round with proper hydration.[citation needed]

Bobby is celebrated for his muscular frame and his intimidatingly commanding presence, which is what the two men said was a cause for their blackouts along with their nervousness for performing under him.[5]

As a subject of Gay Studies

The film Niggas' Revenge, and Flex-Deon Blake's role in it, have become the subject of academic discussion. In his book, Unlimited Intimacy: Reflections on the Subculture of Barebacking, Tim Dean, a professor at the University at Buffalo, treats Niggas' Revenge in detail because of the way in which it fetishizes the simultaneous transgression of a number of taboos, all in order, Dean argues, to “conjure the transgressive charge of unprotected anal sex among gay men.”[6] The representation of interracial sex, rape, violence, and incest (between Chris Blake and Bobby Blake) is enhanced by what Dean calls Flex-Deon Blake’s "phallicized" appearance.


In 2002, Blake appeared at a safer sex workshop in St. Louis, Missouri where he spoke to other men who have sex with men about safer sex and risk reduction of HIV and STDs. He was falsely accused of stripping and having sex at the event. As a result the sponsored agency lost some of its federal funding. The accusation of stripping and sex was made by a disgruntled employee of the sponsored agency and never proven.

Blake now criticizes the adult film industry as corrupt and advises young people not to enter it. He also opposes same-sex marriage but favors other means for securing gay rights like civil unions.

In popular culture[edit]

In 2007, Blake appeared on the CD by rap artist Trudog titled Booty Ain't Got No Face.[7]

Autobiography: My Life in Porn[edit]

Cover of Bobby Blake's autobiographical book My Life in Porn

Bobby Blake has written the book My Life in Porn: The Bobby Blake Story co-written by Blake and John R. Gordon and published by the Running Press of Philadelphia in 2008. In his autobiography, he talks extensively about his youth and experiences in the adult film industry. In one of the closing chapters entitled "Prodigal Returns", Blake depicts himself in biblical terms as the "prodigal son" who "had to leave [his] church and the place of [his] birth and go out there in the far country."[8] However, he continues, "in all the years I was working in the adult entertainment business, I never turned my back on God or the Bible teachings I had grown up with."[8] Blake emphasizes that he has no regrets about his lifestyle, interpreting it as part of God's plan for him: "Now that it's over, I can accept that that journey was all part of God's plan for me.".[9]

Personal life[edit]

Bobby Blake grew up in Tennessee before moving to Los Angeles.

In his personal life, Bobby Blake was the long-term partner of Flex-Deon Blake, another well-known black gay pornographic actor. It was Bobby Blake who, by referring Flex-Deon to the producer Edward James, introduced his partner to the adult industry.[10] Bobby Blake has told the story of their relationship in his book, My Life in Porn.[11]

He has retired from adult films around 2000 becoming an ordained Christian minister. In 2007 studied for a master's degree in criminal justice. He also worked for a while as a security manager for a big Memphis night venue called Club Census.


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(Partial listing)

  • Get Hooked on This
  • Black Workout 10
  • Black Sex Party #3
  • Black Ballers
  • Black Ballers 2
  • Black Power
  • The Underboss
  • Niggas' Revenge (2001)

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