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Edgar Valter Saks

Edgar Valter Saks (January 25, 1910 Tartu – April 11, 1984, Montreal) was an Estonian amateur historian and author. He was Estonian exile government's minister of education in exile from 1971 until his death.

His book The Estonian Vikings: a Treatise on Finno-Ugric Viking Activities describes the ancient history of Estonians and other Finno-Ugric peoples living on the shores of the Baltic Sea. His etymological works provide information about prehistoric Estonian settlement in Northern Europe. In Esto-Europa, Saks finds Baltic-Finnic influences in several regions of Europe. Constructing Estonian etymologies for many toponyms (incl. Warszawa and Sumer), Saks reasoned there must have been extensive prehistoric Finnic influence not only in Europe, but also in neighbouring regions.

Works in English[edit]

Preceded by
Elmar Järvesoo
Estonian Minister of Education
Succeeded by
Johan Ungerson