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Type Private
Industry Consumer electronics
Founded 1996
Headquarters Beijing, China
Products Loudspeakers, Headphones, Audio equipment
Employees 3,000
Website www.edifier-international.com

Edifier is a privately held company based in Beijing, China that specializes in audio equipment.[citation needed]


Edifier Technology Co., Ltd., established in Beijing in 1996, and began to expand into international markets in 1997 while establishing its international headquarters and research center in British Columbia, Canada. Today, Edifier products are distributed in many countries and markets across Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. In 2004, the company enhanced its commitment to acoustic research and development and product engineering by opening a research and design facility in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Product Lines[edit]


  • R series: Mainstream
  • S series (2.0): High-end
  • e series: Multimedia oriented
  • M series: Mainstream (small-sized)
  • MP series: Portable
  • Tube amplifier series: High-end (not available in the US)
  • C series: Mainstream (external amplifier) (not available in the US)
  • X series: Multimedia Oriented (not available in the US)
  • iF series: iPod docks (not available in the US)


  • H series: High-end
  • M series: Mainstream
  • K series: Headset
  • Headphone Amplifier

Automotive Speakers[edit]

Mini Theaters[edit]

  • DA series: Mainstream
  • S series (5.1): High-end
    • S5.1 Desktop
    • S5.1m Desktop

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