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Edig@s is an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standard for the buying, selling, transporting and storage of gas. It is derived from the UN EDIFACT standard, of which it is an official subset. Edig@s is used almost exclusively in Europe, particularly France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia. Edig@s nominations are either optional or the prime method of nomination to the majority of gas networks in western Europe. Edig@s member networks include, amongst others, Fluxys, GTS, GRTGaz, Gassco and TIGF.[1] In addition several shippers use Edig@s to handle nominations internally. The majority of gas shippers in those markets use "ENOM", a commercially available Edig@s messaging system developed by Gas Management Services Ltd.[2]

Other EDI Standards for Gas Trading[edit]

North American gas companies use EDI based on the US ANSI X.12 standard.


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