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Edith A. Hamlin
Born June 23, 1902
Oakland, California
Died February 18, 1992
San Francisco, California
Nationality American
Education California School of Fine Arts, Columbia University
Movement Social realism
Spouse(s) Maynard Dixon (1937–1946), Albert Barrows (1933–1936)

Edith Ann Hamlin (1902-1992)[1] was an American landscape and portrait painter and muralist. She is known for her social realism murals created while working with the Federal Art Project (FAP) and Works Progress Administration (WPA) during the Great Depressionera in the United States and for her decorative style paintings of the American desert.[1][2]


Born in Oakland, California, as a small child she was exposed to art by her father who took her on sketching trips. Hamlin attended the California School of Fine Arts and the Teachers College at Columbia University.

She maintained a studio in San Diego studio throughout the 1920s. In 1933 Hamlin was briefly married to artist, Albert Barrows, by 1936 they divorced.[1]

During the early 1930s, she traveled around New Mexico and Arizona. She completed a WPA mural project for Mission High School in San Francisco and was selected to paint murals at the Coit Tower.[3] On the second floor of Coit Tower she completed a mural named "Sports and Hunting in California" however it currently has limited public access due to its location.[4][5]

Hamlin's second marriage was to Maynard Dixon in 1937, they met while working for the WPA on the Mission High School mural.[1] Together they moved to Tucson in 1939 [6] and maintained a summer home in Mt. Carmel, Utah. In Tucson she completed numerous public murals and projects. After Dixon died in 1946, Hamlin returned to San Francisco, where she died in 1992.[3]

Notable work[edit]

Arizona projects and murals[edit]

  • Grand Canyon Pueblo & Taos Pueblo, Painted in the Tucson Medical Center Old Administration Building for Santa Fe Railroad Chicago City Ticket Office, Oil and Canvas 1947. Buck Weaver and Milford Zornes assisting.
  • The Legend of Sun and Earth, Arizona Biltmore Hotel Dining Room; Phoenix, Arizona, Oil and Canvas, 1949.
  • Christ and the Children, St. Ambrose Catholic Church; Tucson, Arizona, Ethyl Silicate, 1950. (Over Painted)
  • Fray Marcos de Niza on an Exploration Trip to Arizona, Jacome’s Department Store; Tucson, Arizona, Steel-Reinforced Concrete, 1951. Jack Maul, Ettore DeGrazia and George Hardy assisting. (Demolished)
  • Tucson in the ‘70s’ Old Pueblo Club; Tucson, Arizona, Oil and Panel, 1952.

California projects and murals[edit]

  • Mission San Francisco de Asis, (painted with Jay Risling assisting), Mission High School Library, San Francisco, California[7]
  • Civilization Through the Arts and Crafts as Taught to the Neophyte Indians, (painted with Betty Willey), Mission High School Library, San Francisco, California[8]
  • Sports and Hunting in California mural, Coit Tower, San Francisco, California [5]
  • Overland Pioneers, Tracy Post Office, Tracy, California, (painting is now missing)[9]
  • Spaniards, Tracy Post Office, Tracy, California[10]
  • Days of the First Railroad, Tracy Post Office, Tracy, California[11]

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