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Screenshot of version 0.6.77
Developer(s) Cody Precord
Initial release June 16, 2007
Stable release Non [±]
Preview release 0.7.20 (January 5, 2013; 22 months ago (2013-01-05)) [±]
Written in Python
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in 24 languages[1]
Type Text editor
License wxWindows license
Website editra.org

Editra is a cross-platform,[2] open-source text editor, released under a wxWindows license. It is written by Cody Precord in Python, and it was first publicly released in June 2007. As of November 2011 the project is in alpha development phase, but "stable" builds are available for download.


It features syntax highlighting[3] from Pygments.[4] It supports many[5] programming languages including: C, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and XML. It also features syntax highlighting for the following file formats: BAT, DIFF, INI and REG.[6]

Editra supports features commonly found in other programmer-style text editors. It also supports:[7]

  • Auto-Completion/Calltips (Python, Html, XML)
  • Auto-Indent
  • Column Edit Mode
  • Command Mode
  • Dockable customizable interface
  • Drag and Drop (tabs/file opening/text)
  • Export to Html/LaTeX/Rtf
  • Edit Remote Files (FtpEdit Plugin)
  • Editable User Profiles
  • Extensible with plugins
  • Integrated Python Shell (PyShell Plugin)
  • Language Keyword Helper
  • Line Bookmarking
  • Line Edit Commands (Join, Transpose, etc.)
  • Multiple (synchronized) views of the same file
  • Source Control Management (Project Plugin)
  • Syntax Highlighting (60+ Languages)
  • Unicode Support
  • Vi Keybinding Support
  • Zoom In/Out

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