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Edmond François Paul Pottier (13 August 1855, Saarbrücken – 4 July 1934, Paris) was an art historian and archaeologist who was instrumental in establishing the Corpus vasorum antiquorum, and a pioneering scholar in the study of Ancient Greek pottery. He was born in Saarbrücken, Rhineland, the son of a civil engineer he won a place at the Lycée Condorcet and went on to study at the École Normale Supérieure and the École d'Athènes, his thesis was on the subject of the chronology of Athenian archons. It was during his tenure as a curator at the Louvre that he organised the first meeting of the Union Nationale Academique aimed at establishing the complete Corpus of Greek vases held in the national collections of every nation in 1919. He produced the first fascicule for the Louvre in 1922.


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