Edmund John

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Edmund John
Born 27 November 1883
Died 28 February 1917
Taormina, Sicily
Occupation poet
Language English
Nationality British
Citizenship British
Genre Symbolist
Literary movement He fought in the First World War.
Notable works The Flute of Sardonyx; The Wind in the Temple; Symphonie Symbolique

Edmund John (27 November 1883 – 28 February 1917) was a British poet of the Uranian school. His verses were modeled on the Symbolist poetry of Swinburne and other earlier poets. Much of his work was condemned by critics for being overly decadent and unfashionable. He fought in the First World War but was invalided out in 1916. He died a year later in Taormina, Sicily.


  • The Flute of Sardonyx: Poems (1913)
  • The Wind in the Temple: Poems (1915)
  • Symphonie Symbolique (1919)

Further reading[edit]

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