Edmund de Stafford, 1st Baron Stafford

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Edmund de Stafford
Baron Stafford
Spouse(s) Margaret Basset
Ralph Stafford, Richard Stafford, Margaret Stafford, William Stafford, Humphrey Stafford, Jacobus Stafford, Catherine Stafford, Elizabeth Stafford
Noble family Stafford
Father Nicholas de Stafford
Mother Eleanor de Clinton
Born 15 July 1272/3
Clifton, Staffs
Died 12 August 1308
Buried Friors Minors, Stafford

Edmund de Stafford, 1st Baron Stafford was the son of Nicholas de Stafford, who was summoned to parliament by writ on 6 February 1299 by King Edward I.

The origins of the Stafford family[edit]

The Staffords were first found in the Domesday survey, with Robert de Stafford in possession of around 131 lordships, including being the governor of Stafford Castle from which the name is assumed to have been taken. Over the next 200 years, the following Staffords inherited the estate:[1][2]

  • Nicholas de Stafford, who was sheriff of Staffordshire. Married Matilda
  • Robert de Stafford (died abt 1176); son of Nicholas. He was sheriff of Staffordshire and also performed a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Married Anastasia
  • Robert de Stafford. Son of Robert, died without issue and succeeded by his sister Milisent.
  • Milisent de Stafford. married Hervey Bagot, who paid three marks to the crown for his wife's inheritance. Their son and heir assumed the maternal surname.
  • Hervey de Stafford (died 1237). Fought with King Henry III at siege of Bitham Castle, Lincs. Married Patronill (Petronella), sister of William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby.
  • Hervey de Stafford. Died without issue in 1241 and was succeeded by his brother
  • Robert de Stafford (died 1282). Had to pay Henry III £100 for livery of his lands; fought in the wars in Gascony and in Wales. Married Alice Corbet, daughter and heir of Thomas Corbet, of Caus.
  • Nicholas de Stafford. Active in wars against the Welsh; killed at Dryslwyn Castle in 1287. He had first married Anne de Langley and then Eleanor De Clinton, with whom he had issue.

Edmund, first baron[edit]

Edmund was born in Clifton, Staffs in 1272. He inherited the estates on the death of his father in 1287 and distinguished himself in the Scottish wars with King Edward I. He was summoned to Parliament by writ on 6 February 1299 and had regular summonses for the rest of his life.

Edmund married Margaret Bassett, daughter of Ralph, Lord Bassett of Drayton and Hawise.[3] Their children were:[1]

  • Ralph de Stafford (1301–1372)
  • Richard Stafford (d. 1380), married Maud de Camville, daughter and heir of Richard de Camville of Clifton. Richard fought in the French wars of Edward III and was also appointed seneschal of Gascony. Their son, also Richard, was summoned to Parliament by Edward III and regularly participated through to 1379. He was appointed 1st Baron Stafford of Clifton, created by writ of summons on 8 January 1371.

They are listed as having additional children, although evidence is lacking[4]

  • Margaret Stafford
  • William Stafford
  • Humphrey Stafford
  • Jacobus Stafford
  • Catherine Stafford
  • Elizabeth Stafford

Edmund died 12 August 1308 in Stafford and was buried at the Church of the Friors Minors, Stafford.


Peerage of England
New creation Baron Stafford
1st creation
Succeeded by
Ralph Stafford


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