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Edmundas Antanas Rimša (December 15, 1948 in Skirai, Rokiškis district) Lithuanian historian, specialist of heraldics, sfragistics and genealogy.


1977 graduated Vilnius University. Worked in Lithuanian SSR Ministry of culture. From 1981 he began working in Lithuanian History Institute. 1993 he got Ph.D. defending doctoral thesis "Coat of Arms in history of private Lithuanian cities". From 1991 he is teaching in Vilnius University and 1995-1998 in Vytautas Magnus University. Rimša works as consultant in Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, an expert in Bank of Lithuania coins designing group.[1]

Edmundas Rimša is a member of editorial board "Lietuvos istorijos metraštis" (Lithuanian history annals) and Lithuanian national museum "Numizmatika". He's a member of Poland Heraldry association [2] and also a chairman of Lithuanian Heraldry Commission.

For his book "Lietuvos Didžiosios Kunigaikštystės miestų antspaudai" he was awarded with Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas Knight's cross.

Important works[edit]

Rimša has published more than 70 scientific articles, and over 100 popular articles.


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