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Edo Mulahalilović (23 March 1964 – 27 June 2010) was a Bosnian songwriter and producer.

He was born in Sarajevo and died in Belgrade in 2010 after a long battle with cancer.

His first solo concert was at the age of 13 in Hvar, (Croatia) on a classical guitar.

  • 1983. Edo together with Pjer Žalica (bass player and film director) and Izudin Kolečić (drummer) founded the band called Baobab (Edo was guitar player and singer).
  • 1985. The three musicians together with singer Hajrudin Varešanović formed the band Hari Mata Hari, which became one of the most popular pop bands in former Yugoslavia.
  • 1991. Edo released a solo album “Jedna je pjesma cijeloga života” but the war in ex-Yugoslavia stopped the tour and promotion.
  • 1994. For the Eurovision song contest in Dublin, Edo wrote a song “Ostani kraj mene” ("Stay with me”) in cooperation with his brother Adi, to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • 1996-2002. Edo worked in Finland as composer and producer with many Scandinavian artists.

Edo Mulahalilović was member of GRAMEX and TEOSTO (Finnish composers copyright society).

  • Edo lived and worked in Sarajevo, owning a private recording studio and production facility.

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