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Eduardo Weber (29 November 1889 - 17 May 1945)[1] was an Italian engineer and businessman, famous for creating the Weber carburetor.

He was born in Torino to a Swiss father and mother from Piemonte. After graduating in mechanical engineering from the Università degli Studi di Torino (1913) he moved to Bologna to work for Fiat. He was a tutor to Amédée Gordini and, at Mugello, he raced a Fiat 501 to third place on 13 June 1920.[2]

His work to remedy high gasoline prices resulted in the first Weber carburetor, a "sidedraft, double-throat ... bolted to a Weber designed overhead-valve/supercharger conversion for the 501 Fiat".[3] In 1923 he established the Fabbrica Italiana Carburatori Weber company.

Weber was with the Italian Fascist Party.[4] After his disappearance in May 1945, Fiat eventually assumed control of the company in 1952.

He is buried in the Certosa di Bologna.