Edogawabashi Station

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Platform level of Edogawabashi Station
Ticket barriers at Edogawabashi Station

Edogawabashi Station (江戸川橋駅 Edogawabashi-eki?) is a subway station in Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan, operated by Tokyo Metro. Its station number is Y-12. The station opened on 30 October 1974.


Edogawabashi Station is served by the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line.

Station layout[edit]

The station, which is underground, consists of an island platform and two tracks. There is an elevator between the ticket gate level and the platform level. The bathrooms are on the first underground floor, outside the ticket gates. In 2005, a multi-function toilet, including facilities for infant care and the physically disabled were installed.

In 2005, the outer walls of the platform area were repaired, and the running in board was changed to a larger, rectangular shape. The outer walls were also given a unique, decorative design.

Because the station is located on an s-shaped bend in the track, two watchmen, part of the station staff, are needed.

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Tokyo Metro Yūrakuchō Line (Y-12)
Gokokuji (Y-11) - Iidabashi (Y-13)

Surrounding area[edit]

Edogawabashi Station is the nearest station to the St Mary's Tokyo Cathedral.

Coordinates: 35°42′34.13″N 139°44′0.74″E / 35.7094806°N 139.7335389°E / 35.7094806; 139.7335389