Edong Bridge

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Edong Bridge
E’dong Yangtze River Bridge.JPG
Carries China Expwy G45 sign no name.svg G45 Daqing–Guangzhou Expressway
China Expwy G50 sign no name.svg G50 Shanghai–Chongqing Expressway
Crosses Yangtze River
Locale Huangshigang, Hubei, China
Design Cable-stayed
Height 242.5 m (796 ft)
Longest span 926 m (3,038 ft)
Construction begin 2008 (2008)
Opened 2010 (2010)
Coordinates 30°15′39″N 115°04′28″E / 30.260707°N 115.074438°E / 30.260707; 115.074438Coordinates: 30°15′39″N 115°04′28″E / 30.260707°N 115.074438°E / 30.260707; 115.074438
Edong Bridge is located in Hubei
Edong Bridge
Edong Bridge

The Edong bridge (Chinese: 鄂东长江大桥) crosses the Yangtze River in Hubei China. The bridge forms part of the G45 Daqing–Guangzhou Expressway and the G50 Shanghai–Chongqing Expressway near Huangshi, Hubei, China.[1] Construction of the bridge started in 2008 and it was completed in 2010. With a main span of 926 m (3,038 ft) it is currently the forth longest cable-stayed bridges in the world.[2]

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