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EDU cover page.png
Categories Education magazines
Frequency Monthly
Publisher 9.9 Media
Company 9.9 Media
Country India
Language English

EDU is a magazine for leaders of higher-education sector. The magazine is published monthly by 9.9 Media.

EDU was launched in November 2009,[1] on the second anniversary of the parent firm, 9.9 Media. The magazine currently has controlled circulation, but is available online.


EDU[2] aims to provide a neutral, and reliable platform that can bring visionaries, policy makers, educationists and directors of institutions together to address the challenges of the sector. The magazine also aims at empowering key decision-makers at higher education institutes with ideas and knowledge that will help them create and lead institutions of high quality.

The magazine is complemented by its website and published daily news updates and features of interest to its audience.

The higher education market in India accounts for a substantial share of the total education in India. This segment is estimated to be worth INR 6.5 billion and is expected to be growing at 12% per annum.

The inaugural issue had interviews with Yash Pal and Sam Pitroda, the two men who might well be called the architects of the future of higher education in India. The content mix of the magazine included sections such as Strategy, Academics, Administration, Technology, Profile, Updates from the sector and columns by well known academicians and visionaries.

About 9.9 Media[edit]

9.9 Media[3] is a diversified media company started by former ABP CEO Dr. Pramath Raj Sinha along with four of his other colleagues. It targets consumer, business and professional communities through magazines, websites, events, and peer groups.

Other than EDU, 9.9 Media publishes several other magazines, manages professional institutes and host online platforms.

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