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Eduard Bacher (1904).

Edouard Bacher (March 17, 1846 – 1908) born in Postelberg (now: Postoloprty), was an Austrian jurisconsult and journalist.

Graduating from the University of Vienna, he engaged in practise as an advocate, in which career he displayed such marked ability that some years later the Reichsrat appointed him its chief stenographer. In 1872 Bacher began to work for the Neue Freie Presse, the paper which later became Die Presse, as a parliamentary reporter, and on May 1, 1879, he became the chief editor of the paper.

A feature of his time with the Neue Freie Presse was the running battle with the Paris correspondent, Zionist Theodor Herzl. After his death he was succeeded by Moriz Benedikt.[1]


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